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School Websites and Businesses Making a Difference Together!
The School Website Affinity Network is the first and only no-cost school fundraising program that taps the popularity of your school's website by recognizing neighborhood businesses that make donations to your school.

Join thousands of schools embracing the School Website Affinity Network!

See how S.W.A.N Works...
Your School Earns Over 75% Profit And MORE!
Your School Can Earn $30,000 or MORE!
Cost to Businesses is Less Than $1.50 Per Day!
Hundreds of Businesses are Near Your School!
Five Important Things to Know About S.W.A.N

It all starts with a school's website and our Mini-Window

The S.W.A.N. Mini-Window

Each local business gets its own S.W.A.N Business Page

The average school can raise $10,000 or more in their first year and then increase
that amount every year from their own growing network of local businesses.

 For Businesses... 
S.W.A.N makes growing your business easier than ever! For much less than you spend on traditional advertising, word of your support will reach thousands of school families all year long, bringing you more customers and greater revenue because supporting schools and being acknowledged on their websites not only shows good will, but it's also good business.

Join thousands of local businesses who are gaining and retaining customers by supporting their local schools. Reach parents and families by sponsoring your neighborhood schools with your business listed on their website.
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